News from Brussels - Synopsis April 2018
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European Research, Innovation and Education
April 2018 – 2018/04
VentureEU launched
Artificial Intelligence, eHealth and data for Europe
25 April 2018

The European Commission (EC) presented a series of measures to make the Digital Single Market (DSM) a reality. What role do education, research and innovation play?

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Underlying tensions for FP9
11 April 2018

The European Parliament published a comprehensive report on “Preparing FP9 - Designing the successor to the Horizon 2020 research and innovation framework programme”.

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A look back on SAM High Level Group
12 April 2018

The Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) High Level Group has been renamed to “Group of Chief Scientific Advisors”, but what has it achieved so far?

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VentureEU launched
12 April 2018

The European Commission (EC) and the European Investment Fund (EIF) launched VentureEU, a Pan-European Venture Capital Funds-of-Funds programme.

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New KETs on AI and digital security proposed
27 April 2018

The High-level Strategy Group on industrial technologies published its report ‘Re-finding industry’.

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Swiss SMEs continuously perform well!
05 April 2018

In the latest round of the SME Instrument phase 1, a total of 22 Swiss Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) received funding.

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Launch of the Innovation Radar Platform
10 April 2018

The European Commission (EC) launched an Innovation Radar Platform to identify high potential innovations and innovators in EU-funded R&I projects.

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Green light for a modernised skills tool
12 April 2018

The EU Member States adopted the European Commission (EC)’s proposal to revise the Europass framework.

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Importance of media literacy underlined
26 April 2018

The European Commission (EC) proposed measures to tackle the spread of misinformation online. As part of the Action Plan, the EC wants to foster media literacy.

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Co-shaping R&I with young scientists!
18 April 2018

Science and technology are key to solve the UN SDGs. Scientists have a unique role to play. Let us hear what they think!

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